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Commodores Letter

Ahoy Maties,

While I ate breakfast this morning, I gazed out the glass doors and listened to the delicate tones

of my wind chime. The snow was mostly gone (for a few more minutes anyway). I know spring

wants to make an appearance, but winter just won’t quit. I sat down for dinner tonight and the

snow has finally stopped. Instead of my wind chimes all I hear now is the jostling and jolting of

the snowplows and snowblowers. According to my phone, spring is going to give it another try

later this week. I sure hope so because Fiddler’s Green needs some TLC before launch day.

I won’t be naive and say COVID is behind us, but I am happy to say we don’t have to be “at

limited capacity” like last year. The annual Winter Dinner Meeting will be at The Willowtree Inn,

Stroudsburg, Saturday April 9 th . The patio will be available to us again. Let’s hope the weather is

as nice this year as it was last year. Please send your checks to Judy McCoy and RSVP to Darryl

Bell by April 1 st .

Attached to this letter is also the membership form. Please fill it out completely and return to

Judy by May 1 st . The board does their best to keep the cost of dues down. However, every few

years we must raise dues to cover costs of inflation, and this is one of those years. I’m hoping

by the time of The Winter Dinner Meeting gas prices are down a little, otherwise I’ll be riding

my bike to the meeting.

See you soon!

Commodore, Kristen Schmidt

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