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August 9, 2018

Hello Sailors,

We have an exciting week in store for the club! Last week was unfortunately another rainy week with little opportunity for sailing. Although this past weekend the crews of Bad Influence, African Queen, and Enduring Freedom had a bit of an O’day 26 meet up as luck would have it on the lake, and then up to Silver Birches for some Dock N Dine and live music by Don’s friend Gary Dillon. Although the sailing wasn’t fantastic we motored down the lake past Cairns island to watch the sunset.

This Sunday August 12th Race 6 is scheduled. The weather forecast shows a possible thunderstorm, but the winds look good. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and hope the rain stays clear for us. On the schedule for race committee is the crew of 100% with the crew of Flip Turn scheduled for picnic detail.

The Weekend after next will be Wally Fest on August 25th! We will be giving sailboat rides every

hour departing from Light House Marina. Please let Kristen know if you are available to attend and how many guests you can accommodate. This is a great event with the proceeds being donated to a great cause. We will raft up afterward at the North end of the lake. Then on Sunday August 26th we will hold Race 7, our Memorial Regatta at the north end of the lake for the Wally Lake Fest spectators to enjoy. I for one am very much looking forward to it.

I was told years ago that the only way to move up from being a “green” sailor is to race as often

as possible. Dedicating many hours to the sport contributes to building the instincts that a well rounded sailor possesses. Even if you can’t sail every week, making a commitment to sailing as often as possible and in as many conditions as possible is key. Know yourself well enough to play up your strengths and improve on your weaknesses. Develop a support system of both males and females in the club with whom you can build trust. Be careful not to become negative. It’s easy to do: We are constantly matched with new crew and must figure out how to make the boat perform, promise them a good time, and get along with different personality types in close quarters. It also helps to keep a sailing record. This can serve as a guide for different sailing conditions including sail trim positions. Buy a beer for someone or go out of your way to help someone. This is no problem within our club as everyone goes out of their way for each other, but helping each other, and giving advice (I think) is one of our greatest strengths as a club.

There are many ways to become a more active sailor, so figure out where you want to get and find your path. Try to enjoy the journey and remember that people won't call you out of the blue as you’re starting that journey, so it’s up to you to make it happen. Make known your commitment to the sport, stick with it, and don't be afraid to follow up. If you have a positive attitude when the going gets tough and the willingness to own up to your mistakes, you will find the most enjoyment.

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