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August 15, 2018

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Attention Paupack Sailing Club,

We find ourselves in the waning days of summer, yet Mother Nature has decided to fill the past couple weeks with rain and light--if any wind. We’re now half way through August, and with that the sailing season. At the tail end of last month, we held our annual Bob Schmidt Regatta giving the chance to the women, children, rookies, or novice crew to take the helm. Stef has tallied the final scoring from that race, and a huge congratulations to Susan Schneider for taking First Place, Alicia Esser in Second, and Donna DeVita in Third! It was certainly the most fun we’ve had racing yet.

This past weekend we were prepared to put Race number 6 in the books, but unfortunately the weather would not cooperate. After meeting for breakfast, the winds were dead calm, and the

committee made the call to cancel the race. With the sun shining though that wasn’t enough to keep many away from the lake. A huge thanks to our Commodore Kristen, for directing efforts with the assistance of her crew, and whoever else was about to lend a hand with giving our club shed some much-needed attention. They addressed some poison ivy growth around it and completely cleaned out and reorganized everything! What an amazing job they did. It looks great, and if we work together we can keep it that way. For those of you remaining on the roster for picnic duty all the supplies you’ll need for setting up are organized on the top right shelf.

Several other sailors remained at the marina wandering aimlessly working on their boats or seeking out a skipper who was foolish enough to ignore the forecast. I myself was feeling optimistic and saw what looked like a glimmer on the lake that just might be a wind band. Heeling over I saw Mini Moo who confirmed my suspicions. With that I assembled a hasty crew recruiting Alicia, and Rick and making a phone call to my own crew that the Enduring Freedom was to shove off. I also convinced the African Queen that they should join us, and soon we were making way up the lake. Luck Star quickly caught up to our fleet motoring around us all a few times as if to taunt us while we sat momentarily motionless not giving in despite the lack of wind. We did indeed eventually find wind and enjoyed a leisurely sail up the lake meeting up with Mini Moo and we set out in search of a Dock N Dine with available dock space to accommodate our Mini Regatta. Eventually we made our way to the Boat House and enjoyed a fine meal and beverages sharing tall tales of our voyage that day. It turned out to be a fantastic day of sailing with great company; Those who were brave enough to search out the ghost wind!

Now then, speaking of ghost winds there are rumors about the lake of a ghost ship that had been ‘SPOTTED’ this very day. For those of you more squeamish please refrain from reading further. For the rest of you brave souls hear this! Keep a keen lookout should you find yourself on the lake alone and adrift without even the caress of a breeze upon your cheek. For it’s been told that a lone sailor who’d been lost at sea (on the lake that is) had decided upon entering the water for a swim. When from nowhere the ship came to life as if by a ghost crew sailing away into the distance leaving her skipper helplessly adrift. Were it not for a motor-vessel of bikini clad sirens to come to his rescue who knows what might have become of him. Beware should you find yourself in this predicament, for I’ve heard tell that on a foggy morning in the distance you can still hear the gentle ‘moo’ like a fog horn in the distance enough to send shivers up your spine! For the rest of you in the know never leave your cow unattended, given the chance she’s got a mind of her own to leave you stranded!

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